Illuminati MLB picks May 1

Yankees big play in Arizona?

A wide range of plays on this Wednesday from the Illuminati Group as MLB season enters it second full month and the NBA playoffs continue to hold our attention.

Last night saw/heard Bryce Harper booed in Philadelphia. Imagine a 156 month deal where you get booed for 155 of them at home. It might be happening in Philadelphia. Rumor has it this is exactly why the Phillies Brass wouldn’t allow an opt-out in the deal. Harper meanwhile says he would have done the same thing. Certainly he would have.

Full slate of action with some of the Illuminati’s top portfolios posting picks. Action underway already this afternoon.

Top MLB Handicappers

The John Walker portfolio is hoping the Royals can hang on in KC. Meanwhile, The Richard Bassett portfolio has a bit more of a cushion with an run line +1.5 tip. The Bassett portfolio is free for the first week and Walker portfolio, which was ranked 9th in a recent Other Sports tipstrr of month award piece, is $1 for a 6-day trial.

Plenty of others with William Few portfolio having a late afternoon pick. Few was a Tipstrr Other Sports Tipstrr of year honoree. Again this portfolio is available for 6 days for a mere $1.

Denver and Portland play in the NBA playoffs tonight and that seems to be where our NBA systems are pointing us. The Adriana Lima portfolio has a pick for it. A Lima portfolio 29-day trial is $1.

Check out all of the Illuminati Group as well as the other fine handicappers at Tipstrr

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