From The William Bradford Portfolio

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The portfolio has a match for a pick on Monday February 4, 2019.

The Portfolio has selected DRAW as the play in the Rayo Vallecano/Leganes Match.

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The portfolio has been most successful with Basketball selections posting a 24.4% ROI

James Gunn Monthly Breakdown

Historical monthly breakdown
MonthTipsStrike rateProfitROIAvg. odds
Nov 20181033%-31.70-31.7%1.96
Oct 20182564%67.1126.8%1.96
Sep 20182075%95.6647.8%1.97
Aug 2018933%-15.30-17.0%2.36
Jun 2018450%1.393.5%1.89
May 2018633%-4-6.7%2.48
Apr 20182736%-43-15.9%2.13
Mar 201830%-30-100.0%2.68
Feb 20181540%-32.40-21.6%2.05
Dec 201720%-20-100.0%1.67
Nov 20173355%65.1019.7%2.13

NFL Browns owners to rescue MLS Crew, Austin gets new club – World Soccer Talk

New York (AFP) – US truck stop magnate Jimmy Haslam and his wife Dee, owners of the NFL Cleveland Browns, said Friday they will work to help keep Major League Soccer’s Crew in Columbus, Ohio. MLS also announced plans to have a new club in Austin, Texas, run by Anthony Precourt, the current Crew o

Source: NFL Browns owners to rescue MLS Crew, Austin gets new club – World Soccer Talk

Sunday proves profitable for Illuminati

Sunday was a great day for the Illuminati group. Six of the portfolios posted winning days and the largest of three negative days was a one unit loss.

UndertheWire had the largest gains on the day, benefiting from some longshots on the soccer boards.

SideNettingOnly and Richard Bassett each posted winnings for the third straight day.¬† Meanwhile, ThebellLap¬†hasn’t posted a losing day in over a week.

The Illuminati Group is a group of sports investing portfolios developed over a 14-year period and are focused on winning through diversification of options. The information had been private, until released to the public for the first time in 2017. The Illuminati Group currently has 15 portfolios within its service.