The Illuminati Group Handicappers Portfolios

HailMaryTD Portfolio

HailMaryTD – 17.5% ROI across all sports Last 3 Months (5.8.19)

Richard Bassett Portfolio

Richard Bassett – 12.2% Lifetime Yield NBA, 9.3% NCAA Football (5.8.19)

William Few Portfolio

William Few – 2.8% Yield Lifetime over 344 picks, over 160 baseball picks with a near 4% Yield lifetime – 8 winning months in last 12 (5.8.19)

Pierce Butler Portfolio

Pierce Butler – A lifetime multi-sport winner. 3.1% Yield. 49.3% Yield on Baseball in 2019 (5.8.19)

Charles Carroll Portfolio

Charles Carroll – Successful football picks 5.5% Lifetime Yield. Also has been extremely successful with hockey in recent months, turning in 12.5% yield over last six months. (5.8.19)

Ipickuwinners Portfolio

Illuminati Group’s All-Time ROI leader at Tipstrr

Ipickuwinners – The first portfolio not named after a former US Senator, this portfolio has performed admirably across multiple sports for an extended period of time. Sits 29th on the Tipstrr leaderboad for career ROI (more than 160 picks, more than 1 year history) the winter months have always been best for this portfolio. It’s excellent basketball +32 units lifetime, and Hockey 38% yield +12.5 units account for that. We are certainly looking for a way to find a similar situational match in baseball to make this a more year round option. Although the total numbers don’t show a great deal of success within the football market, eliminating the NFL and focusing solely on college football proves profitable, so there is something already started there. Either way, Ipickuwinners is a proven long-term portfolio, that will send you back to the windows with winning tickets time and time again.

Underthewire Portfolio

Underthewire – This portfolio has used a more selective approach to carve out a very strong six months. During the last half-year, its picks have yielded on average 9% per pick. And with the understanding that the football season has always been the best for this one, the upcoming months could prove very exciting.